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   Dr. Park was born in the harbor city of Busan, South Korea.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from North Park University in Chicago and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences(NUHS) in Illinois.


   He started his own practice, Trinity Chiropractic Wellness Center, in Vienna, Virginia in 2007.  At the beginning of 2009, Dr. Park started studying functional medicine and functional neurology and continued his studies to become a Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology in 2014.  As he is a diplomate functional neurologist, his practice is focused on those who are suffering from neurological issues and/or autoimmune conditions.


   Dr. Park combines the applications of vestibular rehabilitation, gait rehabilitation, balance training, eye-movement exercises, visual therapy, auditory therapy, coordination training, physical rehabilitation strategies, and numerous physiotherapy modalities(including laser, whole body vibration, NSI, Spineforce and so on). Also, he has a background of oriental medicine including acupuncture and functional medicine. Treatment plans are designed to optimize neurological function through the principles of neuroplasticity in conjunction with functional medicine.

   His unique background and training has equipped him with the experience needed to identify a vast array of health issues and their root causes.  He has been able to treat his patients with higher chances of successfully resolving each and everyone's health challenges.


   Dr. Park has completed: 

  •      Movement Disorders, 

  •      Clinical Applications of Eye Movements,

  •      Advanced Clinical Applications of Eye Movements 

  •      Functional Neurology Practice, 

  •      Mastery of Neurochemistry of Autism Spectrum Disorders, 

  •      Acupuncture & Functional Neurology (The Integration of Chinese Medicine &                  Clinical Neuroscience)

  •      Neuro-rehabilitation of the Basal Ganglia

  •      Clinical Neuroscience of Cognition and Intelligence

  •      Pain Reset Neurology Program in Carrick Institute

  •      Neuro-inflammation Clinical Strategies and Treatment Application

  •      Gastrointestinal Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications

  •      Infertility, Prenatal Care, and Maternal Health Clinical Strategies and Treatment            Applications in Kharrazian Institute.

   He continues studying to combine traditional forms of Eastern medicine and Western medicine so that he can offer a better approach and new hope for complicated health conditions. 


"We need more doctors like Dr Park"
L.S. - Sep 26, 2018
My D.O. strongly recommended Dr. Park for myself and my children. I was not certain what to expect. I have been amazed at how Dr. Park is able to look at the body in a way that no other practitioner I’ve seen before has done, with such an intense focus on brain function that revolves around your GI tract. Blending Eastern and Western medicine into a perfect synergy to optimize results. I’ve seen countless experts & was still left with so many residual issues. Dr Park got to the source.
"He helped give me my life back!"
Deborah P - Feb 23, 2018
Dr. Park is a wonderfully compassionate genius who uses multiple modalities to treat his patients- unlike anyone else I have ever been to in my very long search to regain my health over 15 years. He is the BEST acupuncturist I have ever treated with. He has directed me on the path to help me heal my gut so my immune system could be restored, my pain controlled and my brain and neurological functions improved after a whiplash accident and brain injury slowly took my health and life away.
Pamela and Collin Boyle - Oct 29, 2016
Dr park's thoroughness and bedside manner is superior. He was very willing to review symptoms , history in order to assess current physical complaints. He was also very knowledgeable in many areas dealing with assessing chronic pain . Finally , we were very impressed with his overall willingness and interest in trying to find a solution rather than just quickly dismissing us. Felt very validated.
"Highly Recommend"
Jennifer - Aug 25, 2018
Going in for an ongoing lower back issue, I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Park focused on my whole body and mind, not just the one area. Not only is my injured area healing, but I feel much better as a whole. My balance is better, stress is lower, those niggling aches and pains that I had attributed to age/wear and tear are pretty much gone, and I just feel pretty great overall after seeing Dr. Park for about a month. He genuinely cares about his patients; he is a lovely man.
"Master Healer"
Jose D - Sep 14, 2016
I first met Dr.Park after a near fatal car accident. Through his therapy, which is combination of chiropractic and Asian homeopathy I was fully functional within 6 weeks. Whenever I have had a subsequent injury I've returned to Dr.Park and he quickly resolves any alignment in a short amount of time. I trust his care so much that my wife and daughter have visited him. I've referred over 5 friends and all are incredibly satisfied with his professionalism and care. Thank you Dr.Park!
"Back pain"
D.G. - Sep 6, 2017
Dr Park did awesome job to help me to fight the pain to reduce from pain level 10 to 2 for several appointments. It does help! He is very sweet and understanding.
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