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The Original Multi-Disciplinary Therapy System for Rehab - NSI



Selectable Parameters
Allows modification of all procedure’s variables. Stimuli may be quadrant loaded for TBI and Stroke patients.

Visual Abilities Remediated/Enhanced in the Eye-Hand Program

Numbers/Letters/Word /Verbal Saccades
Builds skill in saccadic accuracy and develops automaticity.

Customizable Tracking Procedure
The Customizable Tracking Procedure allows the creation of custom Pursuits, Saccades and Saccadic Gap Pursuits procedures.

Visual Motor
Visual Abilities Remediated/Enhanced.

Programmable Metronome
Visual Abilities Remediated/Enhanced in the Metronome Program

Visual Abilities Remediated/Enhanced in the Tachistoscope Program.

Horizontal, vertical and oblique Optokinetic procedures with fixation tracking available.

Storage and Graphing of Results Data
The results of each patient’s therapy sessions are stored for review. The data may be displayed both numerically and graphically.

Balance Graph
Visual representations of your patients’ balance posture for all therapy procedures.

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